Create a New Wallet with the Paper Wallet

We strongly recommend creating a new wallet using the official BTCP paper wallet or the Electrum wallet.
⚠️ Important: You must store the information generated from your wallet offline & securely. Do not share your private keys with anyone. Do not store them in your email or computer. ⚠️

Create Wallet Using the Paper Wallet

PRO TIP: Once the page loads, unplug your computer from the internet. Save the generated data in an encrypted USB drive or print it and keep it in a safe location. Then close the browser and connect back to the internet once all the information is saved in a safe place.
Then click on Wallet details, Reveal your new HD Wallet, and copy the master Xpub.
Action: Save the information from the wallet in a secure place. The only information you will need to run payment widget will be the Master XPUB as shown on the image above . All the other information including the Private Key & Seeds should be kept in a safe place away from your computer.
You may now set up your BTCP Pay button